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  Scheduling Features


·  Schedule contracts, phases & tasks separately

·  Assign/reassign resources

·  Calculate end date automatically

·  Adjust end date manually

·  Assign resources automatically

·  Allow automatic hour calculation

·  Calculate hours manually

·  Project billing/costing details and summary

·  Generate employee time chart

·  Generate / View GANTT charts

·  Specify prerequisite ordering

·  Track materials and expenses

 General Features


·  Internet based

·  Original record never changed

·  Complete change history maintained

·  Multi-level security

·  Password protected

·  Database recording/reporting

·  DOL compliance

·  Two methods of time accumulation

·  E-mails to supervisors: late/early punch in outs

·  File extracts

·  Accounting software compatible

·  Real time billing documentation

Optional Services


·  Target marketing banners

·  Banner announcements

·  Payroll preparation

·  Payroll quarterly

·  W-2 preparation


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TIMEASE© is designed to save you and your employee’s valuable time. Moreover, it is intended to save you money by eliminating the need for excessive time management paperwork.  TIMEASE© turns any internet ready computer into a fully functional web-based time tracking, scheduling, payroll processing, billing and case management system. All of this is combined into one system eliminating  the need for time consuming, bulky software. 


TIMEASE© has evolved and will continue grow to meet your industry specific standards.

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Features and Services

Timease.com, Inc.