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Product Description

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TIMEASE© was inspired by the need for an easy-to-use time/billing and scheduling tool which has evolved to meet industry-specific needs. TIMEASE© is a fully web-based service and allows the user to self-track hours in a secure environment, allowing flexibility to enter time from designated off-site secure locations. Hours are tracked electronically, via an online clock, and the schedule component allows users to create, clone and edit project schedules on-line.


TIMEASE© is a complete web-based time management system suitable for many applications. Our system allows the user to track time, manage schedules, prepare payroll, bill clients in addition to other important tasks based on their user defined security. This is accomplished from any internet compatible PC (office, home, cell phone etc.) using web-browsers such as Internet Explorer.

With TIMEASE© there are countless possibilities. Many different  industries would greatly benefit from TIMEASE© such as:


 Temporary staffing agencies

 Social service agencies (MH/MR)

 Attorneys and Accountants

 Construction companies

 Software development firms

 Multiple others…

Suitable for multiple applications.